Since 1986 Tinderbox has provided the West Coast with state-of-the-art audio services. Located in Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood, Tinderbox is the place to go to make great music. Combining excellent acoustics with high quality equipment in the hands of an experienced engineer assures that your tracks will sound fantastic.
12721 30th NE Suite 100B, Seattle, WA 98125
Phone: 206-329-8737  •  Email:

Photo of Tinderbox control room


Producer/engineer Jamie Jones has recorded and performed with artists from all over the world. His familiarity with many genres and various styles of music is what makes Tinderbox stand out among many other great studios in the area. His attention to detail is well known for getting "that" sound. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, you’ll find a comfortable atmosphere where you can relax and bring out your best.

"I’ve brought many projects to Jamie over the years because I always know that the production is going to go well. Jamie's knowledge and experience make every recording project go smoothly. He has the tools to make any recording project successful."
- Toby Hanson
The Smilin’ Scandinavians

"I have known Jamie Jones for three decades and over those years have worked with him on many projects, musical and otherwise. On every occasion I've been impressed with his work ethic, problem-solving skills and positive approach to the project at hand. It's always enjoyable to work with him.

Tinderbox studio is a hidden gem in Lake City, packed with cool gear and providing a comfortable environment that's conducive to creativity. Despite naming our Tinderbox-recorded CD "Amateur Status," The Penningtones prospered in the professional environment of Jamie's studio and I would recommend it highly to any band or artist planning a recording project."
- Hugh Jones
(Bassist, The Moonspinners, [and previously] The Penningtones, Christy McWilson; Owner, Hugh Jones Recording)

"Jamie is an impeccable musician, which only compliments his ability as an engineer. I highly recommend his services. "
- Steve Howell
Talismen / andy O / digital lion

"Jamie’s flexibility and attention to detail in recording basic tracks always made me feel relaxed, knowing he would capture the right sound. "
- Rob Pastorok
Global Artists Collective Performing artists exploring cross-cultural connections

"I have been working with Jamie Jones for almost 30 years. He has a tremendous ear and a fantastic sensibility for all kinds of music and always gets a great recording every time. Raised on Rock and Roll in his youth he nonetheless knows a lot about all kinds of music from around the world. I have worked on Indian projects with him where he gets a fantastic sound on the tabla drums and also Afro Cuban music where the congas never sounded better. He is also a really great guy who a lot of people really like and respect."
- Tor Dietrichson

"I have worked at Jamie Jones’ Tinderbox Studio several times and have always been very happy with the results. While recording tunes for my musicals "Caprice" or "Not Tonight, Darling", Jamie always provided excellent recording skills. Because musicals require several singers, many performers are required to appear to record my tunes and work with Jamie. I have only heard "good things" from the singers about working at Jamie’s studio. I personally like Jamie very much and always enjoy his company. Working at his studio even inspired me to broaden my musical horizons. My last session at Tinderbox was recording a rally tune for the Seattle Seahawks. That was a new sound for Jamie to hear from me. And I know he’s heard everything!"
- Robert Ian Lux

"Hey, Jamie. I had fun working with you for a Bob Lux recording! It's nice to work with talented people!"
- Judy Ann Moulton

"Jamie is a gifted, consummate professional and he is a delight to work with!"
- Norman Newkirk

"I never got to see much of his studio skills but he is one hell of a good front man, and a good friend. I think we took this picture in 1988. Does that sound about right Jamie? Tinderbox was my first professional band and my first keyboard job. Thank you for getting me out of the garage Jamie! You're a pro’s pro. "
- Dan Gallagher

"Jamie ... What magic you create!!! "
- Jaiman Crunk

"I was relatively new to recording studios, but within 5 minutes Jamie had me relaxed, laughing, and playing my best! "
- Zach Lyman

"Jamie is simply the best when it comes to getting the sound you want the people to hear!! "
- Lesley White

"Let’s talk about his music abilities. He can make you weep or smile with the beauty of his music. He has an amazing collection of guitars - vintage and new - each with its own sound. Wandering through his studio or home is like a working museum. They all get played regularly. "
- Tamara Jones

"Love That Surrounds Us" is Jaiman Crunk’s new single. We finished tracking and mixing at Tinderbox in December. Can't wait to share this beautiful song. Thank you Jamie for your love and spirit in bringing this beautiful song to light! Your spirit and energy has brought "Love That Surrounds Us"!
- Bob Antolin

"Recording the harmonica isn’t easy to begin with. But capturing the raggedy-edged sound of the "Mississippi Saxophone" played through a funky old tube amp is a real challenge. Tinderbox Productions got it right - on the first take, no less. Gotta love ’em for that. "
- David "Doctor Diggity" Gordon